FDBRO Sports Mask 12 Breathing Levels Pro Workout Mask for Fitness,Running,Resistance,Cardio,Endurance Mask for Fitness Sport Mask


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Cool, stylish and practical mask

The Altitude Mask have a mech style cover and whole mask looks beautiful. Not only a great appearance, it mainly also benefits everyone from the weekend warrior to pro athletes. With these features, such as easy to carry, premium quality materials, non-slip strap and different levels of intensity, this mask is ideal for both beginners and experienced sports enthusiasts, besides, it will help to maximize results and increase post-workout satisfaction!

NXT FORC3 Air Flow Platform

NXT FORC3 is the pinnacle of performance breathing technology.

Through the adjustable air-flow resistance, changing the difficulty of breathing so that increases intensity of using respiratory muscles, thereby promoting further metabolism.

The NXT FORC3 Dial allows you to match your breathing exertion to your exercise effort at the spin of a dial. You just click, breathe, and train.

Different levels of air-flow resistance can be offered from the FDBRO Sports Mask PRO:

Without filter cotton: (Suits for routine training)

Novice: 1—2

Intermediate: 3—4

Advanced: 5—6

With filter cotton: (Suits for deeper training, but not suits for new users)

Senior: 1+—2+

Master: 3+—4+

Infernal: 5+—6+

Please adjust to your bearable level when using and pay attention to have moderate amount of training.






Until performance breathing came along, the only thing you could really do to improve cardiopulmonary fitness was ‘training longer’. While this may strengthen your heart, it does little to strengthen the lungs, which is the second most important aspect of breathing.Obviously, only extending the exercising time is not enough for lungs and need to find a new way for improving the effect of breathing.


Performance breathing is a completely new area of exercise science that focuses on improving one of the most neglected aspects of fitness…Breathing. Cardiovascular output is dependent on several factors. The most important ones are cardiac output (heart strength) and pulmonary efficiency (getting oxygen in the blood using the lungs). Cardio-pulmonary (heart & lung) strength and power are all vital to work capacity, stamina, and endurance. And, the performance breathing can help to boost the heart and lungs‘ operation when people do exercise.


Performance breathing with the FDBRO Sports Mask attacks the ‘breathing for your life’ part directly by strengthening your breathing muscles, improving your breathing mechanics, and introducing a modest hypoxic element to your training that gets you over the hump. This in turn allows you to master your fatigue so that you can stay stronger for longer. Long story short, Performance breathing with the Altitude workout mask gives you more endurance, stamina, and recovery capacity so that every workout becomes your best workout.


With different breathing levels, the FDBRO mask allows you to find just the right level of difficulty. Plus, you have the ability to adjust the airflow settings with one quick click without having to take the mask off and interrupt your workout.In addition, the Pro equips with filter cotton, it will improve the experience for people use.


Mask Replacement Sleeve Pulley Cable Machine Attachment System Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor Attachment Gym Bands for Women Weightlifting waist belt

Use place
Any place Indoor Any place Any place outdoor&Indoor

【BENEFITS】: Breathing is always the key;Altitude sports masks can help increase your lung capacity and make your exercise more effective by simulating high altitude exercise,The workout mask can cut your exercise time in half.It is very important to choose an elevation mask that suits you.Take your fitness, sport and game to the next level by adding the cardio mask into your workout routine.we adopt the style of machine armour to make its appearance more cool.More perfect design.
【TWELVE LEVELS OF RESISTANCE】: Change your breathing intensity during exercise,This sports mask comes with a 12-level valve system,depending on your endurance.The use of filter cotton increases the respiratory resistance by 2 times.Which means no increase in filter cotton = 6 levels,if increase filter cotton = 12 levels.FDBRO workout masks is very suitable for any sport – cardio, including gym, cycling, running, breathing training,high altitude training and elevation training,etc.
【DURABLE & RELIABLE】: The mask made with of sturdy Lycra material and food-grade silicone gelHarmless is more delicate and more skin-tight is a perfect combination.There will be no abnormal noise, no looseness.Three sizes for you to choose,Small,Medim and Large,By comparison, you will understand which workout masks is more suitable for you;)you are able to remove the mask from the strap so you can clean just the mask or the strap from any residue/sweat from a workout.
【TRUSTWORTHY】: Order Now with our must achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

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FDBRO Sports Mask 12 Breathing Levels Pro Workout Mask for Fitness,Running,Resistance,Cardio,Endurance Mask for Fitness Sport Mask
FDBRO Sports Mask 12 Breathing Levels Pro Workout Mask for Fitness,Running,Resistance,Cardio,Endurance Mask for Fitness Sport Mask


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